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Solid Composite Decks

Eco-decking is made from recycled materials, usually, wood and plastic combined into an eco-friendly material. The wood provides a natural look and feel, while the plastic protects it from moisture. It’s a popular and convenient option because it’s maintenance free and won’t get slippery around pool areas, entryways or access ramps. 


Hardwoods Decks

Hardwoods withstand the test of time. Typically built using Kwila or Vitex, it’s important to select hardwoods that are certified sustainable. Hardwoods are a kiwi favourite, selected for their strong grain and rich colour. 

Softwoods Decks

You can’t go wrong with wood. It’s the most popular decking material in New Zealand, favoured for its timeless aesthetic and seamless fit into the natural environment. Radiata pine and Macrocarpa are the most common softwoods for decks in New Zealand as they are widely available and add an elegant and organic feel to your outdoor space.


Bamboo Decks

Bamboo is a modern and sleek decking material – with stunning natural grain and properties. Bamboo can be the prized option to suit an elevated indoor outdoor flow. Procurers of certified sustainable Bamboo. 


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